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Which font style would compete with a cell border?

A. Italic
B. Bold
C. Underline
D. Bold italic

2 Answer

  • The answer is: C. Underline.

  • Answer:

    The correct option is option (C) which is underline.

    Further Explanation:

    The best matching option is underline which is also used in hyperlink. All font styles are not used in outside borders. Bold and italic are used for drawing the attention to the reader for important information. Colour also played an important in selection of data. Also, cell border is a type of font style which can be seen in overlapping with the cell borders.

    The CSS sample command for writing underline in CSS is shown below:

    h1 {

     text-decoration: underline dotted blue;


    The above command is written in the style tag ( <style> ) and it will underline the h1 tag with blue colour in dotted lines.

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