Match the zone to its characteristics. A.Intertropical convergence zone Two wind systems originate here B.Horse latitudes Heavy precipitation, little wind C.Subpolar low Convergence of westerlies and polar easterlies

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  • Answer:

    A. Inter-tropical convergence zone - Heavy precipitation, little wind

    B. Horse latitude - Two wind systems originate here

    C. Sub-polar low - Convergence of westerlies and polar easterlies 


    The Inter-tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) refers to the narrow region where the southern and the northern wind converges, forming a low-pressure zone. As the air containing moisture rises up in this region, it forms a small portion of the Hadley cell, thereby allowing maximum precipitation to take place with little or no wind.

    Horse latitude refers to the subtropical regions that are characterized by the low level of precipitation and there prevails a comparatively calm type of wind. Here, the winds diverge either toward the poles that are commonly known as the prevailing westerlies or it moves toward the equator that is known as the trade winds.

    Sub-polar low refers to the area comprised of low atmospheric pressure that is present in the sub-polar regions of both the northern and southern hemispheres. This usually covers the regions between 50° and 70° in both the hemisphere. It is the region where the polar easterlies meets the westerlies.

    Thus, the zones and their characteristics are matched above.