I wrote this poem and I need title suggestions. Do you have any ideas? Sorry it's long.

Don't fear the enemy that attacks you,
but the false friend that hugs you.
Beware of the friends that say "hey let's be friends"
Back away because that's just all pretend.
True friends are like angels, beautiful and rare,
but false friends are like dead leaves that fall everywhere.

Don't let them control you.
They just think your soul is weak
They don't know the real you.
Only allow your heart to speak.
Learn how to say no
That will make you grow.

Only find a friend that will love
Be as pure as the flying dove
Turn away from the hate
and find a different fate.
If your fate turns bad
Don't be too sad,
Something new will make you glad.

Find something that you love
and let those things help you evolve.
If you need help, ask a question
Maybe that will lead you to find a passion.
Do what you love
and that will make you soar beyond above

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