The casts of some Broadway shows go on tour, performing their shows in cities across the United States. For the period 1990–2001, the number of tickets sold S (in millions) for Broadway road tours can be modeled by the function S = 332 + 132t - 10.4t^2 where t is
the number of years since 1990. Was the greatest number of tickets for
Broadway road tours sold in 1995? Explain.

1 Answer

  • From 1990 to 1995, there are 5 years. We substitute 5 to the given equation in order to determine the greatest number of tickets for the Broadway.
                           S = 332 + 132t - 10.4t²
                           S = 332 + 132(5) - 10.4(5²) = 732
    Thus, the maximum number of tickets that can be sold is $732.