The severity of a burn or shock is NOT dependent on: A. the amps, or rate of the electricity B. the color of shirt you are wearing C. the duration of the electrical contact D. the location of the electrical path through the body

2 Answer

  • The correct answer is B.) The color of the shirt you are wearing.
    Color has no effect upon any physical contact. However, chemical/electrical contact has physical effect.
    For example, you rub your feet on a carpet with socks and shock someone. They had a physical effect upon contact. The color of your shirt has no physical effect on anything besides visuals.
  • I believe the answer is: B. the color of shirt you are wearing

    The severity of burn or shock would be affected by the materials that is made by electric conductor or flammable substance. Color of the shirt is created through dye, paints, or ink and it does not act as electric conductor or considered to be flammable.