Rousseau had many family members _____.

“who treated him with great disdain”
“who consistently made him most miserable”
“who loved him and he returned their affection”
“insisted that he travel many miles to receive a good education”

2 Answer

  • My best guess would be "who loved him and he returned their affection" Lots of his family members died early on, but it seems they cared for him and loved him. 
  • According to some biographers, the option that best fits Rosseau's family was "who consistently made him most miserable" .

    His mother died and his father's neglect left him, very early, left to himself, without much affection and familiar attention.  

    When he left home, he lived at the expense of Francois-Louise de Warens, a lady much older than him. To the critics, he would have taken advantage of her, whom he claimed to love. When he left her and went to Paris, he fell in love with Thérèse Levasseur, without money, without talent, even aesthetic, and with her had five children, all of whom were sent to an orphanage.