Was de gualles character better suited to the army or politics? Explain.

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  • His name was Charles de Gaulle. I haven't seen anything at all about his military exploits, apart from being in the army and attaining the rank of general. No major campaigns let by him, nothing at all. 

    That gives me the impression he was better suited for politics. Anyone can do politics. It simply requires no morality, the slipperiness of an eel and the mentality of a jackal.
  • Answer:

    Charles de Gualle was born in 1890, France, he became a French army officer in World War I and later led the French Resistance during World War II against the Germans.

    Much of his accomplishment has been praised by the people of France but he is generally known as a president of the Fifth Republic in France and served as a president from 1959 to 1969. Before de Gaulle took control of the French government, the country was crumbling in the 1950s. Charles de Gaulle helped the country's economic situation and maintain its independence. He tried to keep France separate from the two superpowers (the United States and the Soviet Union). He also successfully encouraged to go for a nuclear weapons program and it became the 4th independently nation to built nuclear power.