Which one of the following artificial sweeteners provides no energy when consumed?

A. Saccharin
B. Acesulfame K
C. Aspartame
D. Sucralose

2 Answer

  • It's (B) Acesulfame K
    It provides no energy, because your body can't digest it.

  • The right option is; B. Acesulfame K  

    Acesulfame K is the artificial sweetener that provides no energy when consumed.

    Acesulfame K is a calorie-free (no energy) artificial sweetener that is very much sweeter than sugar. Acesulfame K has a slightly bitter aftertaste and is usually combined with other sweeteners (such as sucralose). This sweetener provides no energy to the body when consumed. After consuming acesulfame K, the body rapidly digests and absorbs it without breaking it down and it is not stored in the body.