There are three ways to give an object a static charge. They are by friction, conduction and induction. A student states she has two charged objects. She states that one was charged by the other by induction. What observation woulf support that statement.

A.) The two objects repel each other
B.) The two objects are the same charge.
C.) The two objects are opposite ly charge
D.) The force between the objects increase as they get closer to each other

1 Answer

  • Answer: Option (C) is the correct answer.


    A process where a charged object is brought near a neutral object and without touching each other an opposite charge tends to develop on the neutral object.

    For example, when a negatively charged rod is brought near a metal ball then a positive charge tends to develop on the surface of metal ball.

    As we know that like charges repel each other and opposite charges tend to attract each other.

    Thus, we can conclude that the observation two objects are oppositely charged, would support that statement.