A car travels 1.6 miles from Point A to Point B. The car then turns at Point B and travels 2.4 miles to Point C,?
before heading back to Point A. The distance from Point C to Point A is 1.8 miles. If the car's path is represented by a triangle, what angle turn, to the nearest tenth of a degree, did the car make at Point B?

A.) 52.8
B.) 56.4
C.) 60.2
D.) 48.6

1 Answer

  • Since we are given with the three sides of the triangle and asked to determine the angle, we can use the cosine law.
                                   b² = a² + c² - 2ac(cosB)
    Substituting the known values,
                              (1.8)² = (2.4)² + (1.6)² - 2(2.4)(1.6)(cosB)
    The value of B from the equation is 48.6°. Thus, the answer is letter D.