Was the Treaty of Versailles a good peace treaty for the future? Write a paragraph that answers this question. Begin with a clear topic sentence, such as “The Treaty of Versailles was a good peace treaty for the future” or “The Treaty of Versailles was not a good peace treaty for the future.” The remainder of the paragraph should include facts to support your claim.

2 Answer

  • The treaty of Versailles was not a good peace treaty because even though it brought world war I to an end, it is a big factor in starting world war II. It put the Germans in Great debt and completely ruined their economy. Many Germans were very mad about this. The treaty also said that they are the ones to blaim for the whole war. Things like this is what drove people like Adolf Hitler to take charge and try and save Germany, even if it meant a whole other war and passing the blaim to a whole other race.
  • The Treaty of Versailles was not a good peace treaty for the future.  The harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles put Germany in a situation that allowed the rise of Hitler and the Nazis, leading to World War II.

    The Treaty of Versailles, which came out of the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, was very punitive towards Germany.  Germany was forced to admit responsibility for causing the Great War (World War I).  We now call that "the war guilt" clause of the treaty.  Germany also was forced to pay large reparation payments to the Allies (who opposed Germany in the war).   The German economy and national pride were deeply wounded.  The Great Depression was worse in Germany than in America.  The bad situation in Germany made it possible for a radical leader like Hitler, making all sorts of bold promises, to win over enough people to rise to power.  Hitler promised a return to national greatness and fiercely rebuilt Germany as a military machine.  The rise of Hitler and the Nazis brought about World War II in Europe.