A standard is a:

normal way of addressing business letters.

a document with specific rules and regulations.

set unit of measurement for a particular purpose.

level of quality or performance that people accept as normal

2 Answer

  • The answer would be D
  • A standard is a level of quality or performance that people accept as normal. Hence, option D is correct.

    What is the relation of quality and performance?

    As people may guess, quality emphasizes the game's aesthetic elements, while performance offers a more fluid gameplay experience with a higher frame rate.

    The constant delivery of outcomes that are appropriate for a specified or accepted goal is the most basic definition of "quality." As a result, "performance" refers to the accomplishment of quality.

    For instance, if a person want a television, they will consider things like sound quality, picture quality, colour, etc. This is what a television set's performance entails.

    Thus, option D is correct.

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