Select all of the answers that apply.

Which of the following are hazards from volcanic activity?

lava and pyroclastic flow
fertile soil
climate alteration
geothermal energy

2 Answer

  • The hazards from the volcanoes include lava and pyroclastics, tephra and , lahars and climate alteration. Fertile soil and geothermal energy are beneficial results of volcanic eruptions. Much of El Salvador for example is convered with volcanic ash and this has been a fertile growing medium for coffee plants.
  • The correct answers are:

    - lava and pyroclastic flow;

    - tephra;

    - lahars;

    - climate alterations;

    These four, are hazards that result from the volcanic activity. They can have devastating effect on the environment, including the humans too. In a very short period of time, this hazards can changed the appearance of a whole region, the appearance and composition of the atmosphere, and have devastating effect by causing material damage, and human, animal, and plant deaths.