The percent composition of carbon in C6H12O6 is:

25% C

40% C

7% C

None of the above

1 Answer

  • To calculate percent composition, you first need to find the molar mass of C (carbon), H (hydrogen) and O (oxygen).
    C is 12.01
    H is 1.00
    O is 16

    Then multiply each by the number of atoms of each element in the formula (the number that comes after each element in the equation for example C6 means 6 carbon atoms.

    C: 12.01 x 6= 72.06
    H: 1x12= 12
    O: 16x6= 96

    Then add them up.
    72.06+ 12+ 96= 180.06

    Now find the percent composition of carbon.

    72.06/ 180.06 x 100= 40.01%

    So the answer is C 40%.