What is the difference between white and red blood cells?

A. Red blood cells are in veins; white blood cells are in arteries.
B. Red blood cells carry oxygen; white blood cells attack viruses.
C. Red blood cells hold oxygen; white blood cells hold carbon dioxide.
D. Red blood cells hold carbon dioxide; white blood cells hold oxygen.

2 Answer

  • Red blood cells carry oxygen; white blood cells fight disease.

  • Answer:

    its B

    Explanation: pretty much the red blood cells are the things that are keeping you moving and also keeps you warm, with white blood cells, they go out and kill diseases, what actually helps them are cells called lymphocytes or B cells for short, B cells create Y-shaped proteins called antibodies, which are specific to each pathogen and are able to lock onto the surface of an invading cell and mark it for destruction by other immune cells. then the white blood cells get signaled from the helper T cells, also known as CD4+ and then the white blood cells come over to eat the bacteria.