Hewlett-packard recently shifted its entire u.s. salesforce into home offices and saved millions in staff salaries and office rent despite the expense of equipping each home office with a notebook computer, fax/copier, mobile phone, two phone lines, and office furniture. such decreased selling costs are among the benefits of __________.

2 Answer

  • such decreased selling costs are among the benefits of : salesforce automation

    Basically, salesforce create an algorithm to handle your company's expense so there will be no abundance in resource buying and selling. In a large corporations that have a large amount of equity, this algorithm could save a lot of money
  • The answer is home working. This new trend in working allows companies to "relocate" their staff to their homes in order to cut operating expenses. It's been gaining a lot of impetus in the recent years. This strategy provides more freedom and conviviality to the staff, while helping them make substantial savings on transportation, feeding costs and even providing more safety by limiting the risk involved in moving a lot to work.