In Shakespeare's the tempest, prósperos brother Antonio robs him of his dukedom and sets home and his daughter Miranda adrift to die. The survive, and years later prospero magically causes Anthonio and others to become shipwreck on the island after a series of elaborate events prospero gets his dukedom back Antonio apologizes and all is reconciled. which word below come closest to summarizing the two themes this scenario illustrates.
A) captivity and brotherhood
B) heroism and monstrosity
C) colonialism and politics
D) betrayal and forgiveness

2 Answer

  • To me, the world above that comes closest to summarizing the two themes this scenario illustrates is D. betrayal and forgiveness.
    First, Antonio betrayed Prospero by robbing him of his inheritance. Later on, Prospero had his revenge against Antonio by provoking his shipwreck. Thus, both brothers were betrayed by each other. In the end, both of them forgave each other, which is the second theme - forgiveness.
  • betrayal and forgiveness