A 25.0-ml sample of hno3 solution requires 35.7 ml of 0.108 m na2co3 to completely react with all of the hno3 in the solution. what is the concentration of the hno3 solution?

1 Answer

  • If we write the equation of the reaction that will take place, it is:
    2HNO₃ + Na₂CO₃ → 2NaNO₃ + H₂CO3

    The molar ratio of 2HNO₃ : Na₂CO₃ = 1 : 2
    Therefore, we can set up the equation:
    M₁V₁ = 2M₂V₂
    Where the left side of the equation has the molarity and volume of HNO₃ and the right side has the molarity and concentration of Na₂CO₃. Substituting:
    M₁ = (2 x 0.108 x 35.7) / 25
    M₁ = 0.308 M