Describe the FIT formula for developing cardiorespiratory fitness.

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  • The success of your fitness plan depends on four factors: how often you exercise, how hard you exercise, how long you exercise, and the types of exercise you choose. These factors make up the FIT formula, which stands for frequency, intensity, time, and type.
  • Answer:

    The FITT formula for developing cardiorespiratory fitness depends on four factors that are frequency of exercise, intensity of exercise, time of exercise, and type of exercise.  

    Frequency of exercise: How often we exercise determines the frequency of the exercise. Maximum cardiovascular fitness can be developed if we do exercise 3-5 times a week.

    Intensity of exercise: Intesity is determined by how hard you exercise. To achieve high cardiovascular fitness that intensity should be achieved in which our heart beat between 142-186 times per minute.

    Time of exercise: Exercise up to 60 minutes can be increased to develop cardiorespiratory fitness.

    Type of exercise: Selection of correct exercise is important so for developing cardiorespiratory fitness aerobic exercise is recommended like running, cycling, boxing, etc.