When cuso4 • 5h2o is heated in a crucible, there is a loss of water. how should a student determine the amount of water lost??

1 Answer

  • The student should set up an experiment in which he will require a crucible, a sample of hydrated copper sulfate (CuSO₄ • 5H₂O), a hot plate and a digital mass balance. 
    First, the student should check the mass of the empty crucible, then add the sample to the crucible and check the mass again. The difference is the mass of the sample.
    Next, the student should place the crucible on a hot plate and begin heating the sample. After regular time intervals, such as two minutes, the students should measure the mass of the crucible and sample and note it down until it stops decreasing.
    After a final mass of the sample has been obtained, the student may subtract this from the initial mass and find the mass of water evaporated.