What type of writing is often censored because it deals with sensitive and controversial issues?
A. Fable
B. Parable
C. Allegory
D. Satire

2 Answer

  • Satire is correct......
  • Answer:

    The answer is: D. Satire


    Satire writng is used to bring political changes or prevention, --we know that politics are always sentisitve and controversial--. When we use satire writing we can use; sarcasm, double entendres and irony and we can see examples of these in some political cartoons in every day newspapers, for instance; as well as some TV shows. So due to this, this material is often censored.

    On the other hand, let's discard the other three options: A fable is a short story that teaches a lesson at the end, so this one cannot be censored oftently in anyway. A parable is sort of the same, except that this one teaches a religious lesson; and an allegory is simply a literary device.