Explain how women's roles in the United States changed between the Industrial Revolution and the end of the Cold War?

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  • Because in WWII, the women took up their husband's factory jobs while their husbands were at war, proving that women were as capable, if not more capable, then men. So, YAY feminism!
  • Answer:

    During World War II, women were very important to the war effort. Many took up jobs in factories that had been left absent by those at war. Some of these factories remained as their original intent, making everyday items, while the rest were converted to make wartime items. Ammunition, weapons and everything you could think of was in short supply, and in desperate need of production, and so women stepped in to get this done. During the cold war, women were still very important, but there wasn’t as huge a need for them at home taking up jobs. Because the conflict never quite escalated to full scale war, many people who worked in factories kept their jobs, but stayed ready should there ever be any need for deployment. Women kept mostly to their normal lives, caring for their children back at home.