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What are the possible consequences that sports personalities may have to face in their personal lives due to negative media coverage

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  • My Answer: The possible consequences can be that they lose fans, and there reputation may be ruined. 

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  • Answer:

    Negativity and not being seen and understood for whom they really are.


    Sports personality may feel alone and isolated in real life. Negative media coverage is very harmful because it forms the opinion of somebody based on half truths, rumors or not proved facts. Once a negative comment or a piece of information about a sport celebrity appears in any kind of media, it is very difficult to correct it or to dismiss it as false. Therefore, the sport personality may feel not understood, judged for things he had not done, or even facing aggression from people. It is very difficult for a sports personality to lead a normal life and to prove to everybody that they're a different person from what they have been described as in the media.