In pea plants, round seeds are dominant and wrinkled seeds are recessive. A pea plant with round seeds was pollinated with a pea plant with wrinkled seeds. The offspring produced round seeds. One of the offspring was mated with a pea plant with heterozygous genes for round seeds. What are the chances that the offspring will have wrinkled seeds?

There Is A ____ Percent Chance The Offspring Will Have Wrinkled Seeds

2 Answer

  • 25% chance.

    1 RR : 2 Rr : 1 rr
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    Let's assume that the dominant allele for round seeds is represented by letter "R" and the recessive allele for wrinkled seeds is denoted by letter "r".

    A pea plant with round seeds (RR) was mated with wrinkled seeded pea plant (rr). All the progeny would be round seeded (Rr). The one of the progeny was mated with a heterozygous round pea plant (Rr). A cross between Rr x Rr gives progeny in 3 rounded seeded: 1 wrinkled seeded ratio.

    There is a 25% chance to have an offspring with wrinkled seeds.