Please Help!!!!!!! In the story An hour with Abuleo, the main character goes through a transition. In your own words give a summary on this story and explain the change the main character went through at the end.

1 Answer

  • I've read it a long time ago so i might not remeber alot

    In "An Hour With Abuelo," the main character visits his grandfather, who is living in a nursing home. Nursing homes are homes for people who need to have access to assistance 24 hours a day because of problems with their health. 

    The narrator, a teenage boy named Arturo, tells the story of his visit to his grandfather in a nursing home. Arturo does not want to visit any longer than he has to, but he promises to stay one hour. At the nursing home, he finds Abuelo working on his life story. As Abuelo reads it aloud, Arturo is engrossed. When he is finished, Abuelo dismisses Arturo as if he, not Arturo, is the one whose time is valuable. Arturo understands that his Abuelo, like himself, has a life of his own