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You smell a rose and smile at its lovely scent. What type of nerve is mostly likely responsible for sending a message about the rose's scent from your nose to your brain? (2 points)

Spinal motor
Cranial motor
Spinal sensory
Cranial sensory

I believe it is D, but I'm not sure.

2 Answer

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    Yep! You are indeed 100% Correct!

    The Answer would be: 

    "Cranial sensory" or in Other Words, Option "D".

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  • Answer:

    Option D, Cranial Sensory


    There are total 12 cranial sensory nerves which perform a variety of function. Each cranial nerve corresponds to one function only.

    For instance

    1. Olfactory Nerve is used to sense the smell
    2. Trigeminal Nerve is used to sense facial sensations
    3. Optic Nerve is responsible for  Vision
    4. Glossopharyngeal Nerve is responsible for Swallowing, saliva secretion  and sense of taste
    5. Vagus Nerve sense throat, lungs, heart, and digestive system  sensations
    6. Oculomotor Nerve controls eyeball and eyelid movement
    7. Trochlear Nerve controls Eye movement
    8. Vestibulocochlear Nerve maintains equilibrium and hearing
    9. Abducens Nerve control eye movement
    10. Facial Nerve controls facial expressions and also sense the taste
    11. Accessory Nerve controls the movement of neck and shoulders
    12. Hypoglossal Nerve looks after the movement of tongue, swallowing, and speech

    Hence, option D is correct