When rounded to the nearest hundred, which number would be 85,400?


1 Answer

  • Rounding to the nearest hundred is determined if the tens place is 5 or higher ONLY if we are dealing with a 3 in the hundreds place. If we are dealing with a 4 in the hundreds place, we need to look for 4 or lower in the tens place.
    85,400 is our rounded number, so we need to see which of the options round to 400.
    A.) 85,344. The tens place is a 4, so it rounds back down to 3. This is incorrect.
    B.) 85,367. The tens place is 6, which is 5 or higher. This is a correct answer, but let's see if there are any better ones.
    C.) 85,451. The tens place is 5, which the rule goes if a number is 5 or higher, round UP. This means we'd go to 85,500. This is incorrect.
    D.) 85,676. The tens place is 7, which the same rule applies. It is 5 or higher, so we need to round up. This means we'd have to go to 85,700. This is incorrect.
    Our one and only correct answer is B.) 85,367.
    I hope this helps!