North Carolina ranks second in production of Christmas trees in the United States. Scientists in North Carolina are developing a clone bank of disease and insect resistant trees. How would this be beneficial to Christmas tree growers?
A) Trees would grow faster.
B) Crop loss would be reduced.
C) Trees would not need as much fertilizer.
D) More tree species would be available to grow.

2 Answer

  • Correct answer: A). Trees would grow faster

    The insect resistant plants are genetically modified in such a way that they contain some toxic substance for the insects. when the insect tries to infect such plant the toxic substance is released from the plants and it will kill the insect and the plant stay away from healthy and give high productivity to farmers.

    Example: Bt crops

    Hence, the correct answer would be option A.

  • I did this question, the right answer is B crop loss would be reduced