The chicken feed seems to be running out more quickly than usual. Father thinks there is some fowl play going on.

Which of the following correctly explains the pun in this sentence and the word or words on which it is built?

Chicken-Chickens are silly creatures with odd behavior

Father-A father has a similar job as a farmer

Fowl play-Foul and fowl, a word for poultry, are homonyms

Running-Chickens are known for their running

2 Answer

  • The answer is Fowl Play. Hope this helps! =D
  • Answer:

    Fowl play


    A pun is a joke regarding two words that sound the same. Foul and fowl, a word for poultry, are homonyms. A fowl is any domesticated bird that is kept for its eggs or flesh, while foul means that something is wicked, cruel, or breaks the rule. Normally, someone would say foul play, which means unfair play. But, since he was talking about foul play in relation to the chickens, he used the pun, fowl play.