The basic elements of literary terminology include: character, plot, setting,
Multiple Choice (1)
A. Conflict
B. Moral
C. Question
D. Illusion
, and...

Multiple Choice (2)

A. Epilogue
B. Answer
C. Resolution
D. Lesson

2 Answer

  • Conflict and resolution. Every story has a beginning, middle and end, and those terms directly tie into that. All of the others aren't really literary terms
  • 1. A) Conflict

    Conflict is the part of the story when the protagonist comes upon a difficulty that creates chaos in the story, for example, in Romeo and Juliet the conflict is that they can not be together.

    2.C) Resolution

    It´s how the conflict develops, it isn´t alway how it gets solved, but how it plays out, sometimes it plays out fine for everybody, in other stories it is still a mess.