which of the following changes occurred in china because of the mongol invasion during the postclassical era

A) Christianity became the largest religion in China.

B) China was forced to isolate itself from the rest of the world.

C)The mongol military was nearly entirely destroyed.

D) Ethnic Chinese lost control over China's government

2 Answer

  • D) A mongol dynasty, the Yuan, controlled China for a while, but China's cultural influence quickly broke the ties between the Yuan and the other Mongol Khanates. An uprising occurred in the 14th century, overthrowing the mongol and reinstating an ethnically Han dynasty to power.
  • Changes occurred in China because of the Mongol invasion during the postclassical era was Ethnic Chinese lost control over China's government. Thus the correct answer is D.

    What was the Mongol invasion?

    A massive military campaign by the Mongol Empire to defeat different countries that ruled over China resulted in the invasion of China by the Mongols.

    Chinese experience of battle tactics helped the Mongols expand their military infrastructure beyond their huge cavalry armies. China experienced changes to the structure of the Mongol invasion during the postclassical era where Chinese conservatives lost authority.

    A time of prosperity in Mongolia during the 13th century resulted in developments, social expansion, and economic growth. Therefore, option D is appropriate.

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