Proofread the excerpt from the persuasive passage "The Ill-Effects of Climate Change." Which two types of errors does it contain?

Climate change should not just be a matter of concern for climate scientists and environmentalists. Because the primary cause of climate change human actions, we should take full responsibility for it. We must understand that if we continue to release excessive greenhouse gases, climate change will only get worse. Sea levels will continue to rise, more glasiers will melt, and local temperatures will increase. Increased temperatures, in turn, will change the pattern of rainfall. Extreme weather events will expand tropicel diseases, affect the seasonal pattern, harm the balance of the ecosystem, and change the way live.

A.spelling errors

B.incorrect apostrophe use

C.faulty use of commas

D.missing words

E.incorrect sentence construction

Must pick 2 answers

1 Answer

  • Answer:

    Missing words and spelling errors.


    There are 2 spelling errors, but i'll just present 1.

    "more glasiers will melt"

    For missing words, its the last sentence, which is the following.

    "and change the way live."