When multiple glaciers start their downward flow from a single point, they create a _____
b.mountain cliff
c.mountain peak
d.natural arch
e.table mountain
only one can be chosen.

2 Answer

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    "Mountain Peak" is the very tip or the "pointed" part of the mountain that only occurs if the glaciers are melting.
    Therefore, the Correct Answer is "Mountain Cliff" because if the glaciers are breaking, say from global warming, then it would create cliffs.

    In Other Words, Option "B".

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  • Answer:

    Option B, Mountain Peak


    Mountain peak termed as Pyramidal peak is formed by the movement of multiple glaciers.  When glacier starts moving from a central point there by causing erosion of consolidated land mass to form angular and sharp mountain peak.  

    A glacier while moving/melting carries away the base material attached to it by two ways either plucking or abrasion. Mountain peaks get exposed when the glacier melts down.