Mark the three elements that describe the following view concerning treatment of the Central Powers, especially Germany, after the war.

a just peace

-fair treatment of all nations involved
-dividing of land
-disarming the countries
-prevent future hostilities
-limit bitter feelings
-stiff and harsh treatment of Central Powers

2 Answer

  • - Fair treatment for all nations involved
    - Prevent further hostilities
    - Limit bitter feeling
    Too bad the Entente went to the "vengeance" peace :(
  • The correct answers are:

    - Disarming of the Countries

    - Dividing of Land

    - Stiff and Harsh Treatment of Central Powers

    The Treaty of Versailles signed in June 28th, 1919 signaled the end of the First World War. it was a treaty signed between Germany and the Allied Powers. It was the result of six months of negotiation in the Paris Peace Conference.

    The treaty made Germany enter a policy of gradual disarmament, cede land that was previously taken by them during the war and pay important sums of money in reparations to certain countries that had formed the Entente powers.