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A major software corporation has decided that its operating system is too difficult for the average user. Who should they hire to make the system easier to understand?
A_Maureen, an applications software developer
B_Timothy, a systems software developer
C_Cody, a computer systems analyst
D_Tammy, a computer programmer

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    Explanation: Took unit test on edge

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    I think that the answer is:

    Option B, Cody, a computer systems analyst


    I think this is the answer because it makes the most sense since computer analysts analyze programs and computer systems and make sure that they are easy to use.

    I'll also attach a screenshot of whether or not my answer is correct, as soon as I finish the unit test.

    Update: I tried to see what answers I got wrong after completing the unit test but I wasn't able to. I still think that this is the best answer but please let me know if I'm wrong.