FInd the surface area of a sphere with radius 10 in. Leave your answer in terms of pi.

A. 400pi square inches
B. 4,000/3pi square inches
C. 100pi square inches
D. 500/3pi square inches

2 Answer

  • The area of a sphere is : 4π.R²

    Here R(radius) = 10 ===R²=100

    & The Area is 400π inches²
  • Answer: A. [tex]400\pi\text{ square inches}[/tex]

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Given: The radius of the sphere = 10 in.

    The formula to calculate the surface area of the sphere is given by:-

    [tex]\text{Surface Area}=4\pi r^2[/tex], where r is the radius of the sphere.

    For r=10 in. we have

    [tex]\text{Surface Area of sphere}=4\pi (10)^2\\\\\Rightarrow\text{Surface Area of sphere}=4\pi(100)\\\\\Rightarrow\text{Surface Area of sphere}=400\pi\text{ square inches}[/tex]