A guy-wire is attached to a pole for support. If the angle of elevation to the pole is 67° and the wire is attached to the ground at a point 137 feet from the base of the pole, what is the height of the pole (round to 2 decimal places)?

A) 53.53 feet
B) 74.62 feet
C) 126.11 feet
D) 322.75 feet

2 Answer

  • we want to find the opposite so we call it x, and we have the adjacent side to 67 which is 137 feet 

    tan(67) = x/ 137 
    multiply both sides by 137 to leave x alone (or cross multiply) 
    you'll get 

    x = 137 * tan(67) 
    x = 322.75 feet 

    The pole's height = 322.75 feet
  • the answer is 322.75