Which of the following influenced the outlook of the romantic poets of Byron's generation?
A.the founding principles of ancient Greek democracy
B.Enlightenment faith in the ability of humans to form their own social rules
C.the increased freedom of ordinary people after the French Revolution
D.the destruction of nature following scientific discoveries and the industrial revolution

1 Answer

  •  C. the increased freedom of ordinary people after the French Revolution 

    The Romantic period sprung in the 2nd half of the 18th century which was at the same time as the French Revolution. Writers such as Byron and Wordsworth showed their approval of the revolution as it was the representation of societal change in that period. For centuries France was under absolute monarchy and people were governed with scientific rules. The people, especially the working class were oppressed for many years. The revolution brought hope and a promise of brighter days. Romantics deemed reconnect with nature and show the uniqueness of each human being. 

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