Social Studies


Describe what sanctions are and why they are needed.

2 Answer

  • Most members of society follow norms without conscious thought. However, not everyone internalizes all of society's norms. Some people must be motivated by sanctions. These are rewards or punishments used to enforce conformity to norms. There are positive sanctions, actions that reward a particular kind of behavior, and negative sanctions, punishments or the threats of punishment used to enforce conformity. In addition, there are formal and informal sanctions. Formal sanctions are rewards or punishments given by a formal organization or regulatory agency. Informal sanctions are spontaneous expressions of approval or disapproval given by an individual or a group.
  • Most individuals from society take after standards without cognizant thought. Be that as it may, not everybody disguises the greater part of the general public's standards. A few people must be spurred by authorizations. These are prizes or disciplines used to implement an adjustment to standards. There are sure authorizes, activities that reward a specific sort of conduct, and negative assets, disciplines or the dangers of discipline used to implement similarity. What's more, there are formal and casual approvals. Formal authorizations are prizes or disciplines given by a formal association or administrative organization. Casual assets are unconstrained articulations of endorsement or objection given by an individual or a gathering.