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Describe how subcultures and countercultures are related.

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    Subculture is a culture within a culture. A division if you will. Counterculture is the opposite of another culture. They are related in that they both have to do with culture.


  • subcultures and countercultures are related as the term "subculture" refers to a subculture that exists inside a larger culture. If you want to call it that, then so be it. Contrast culture is the opposite of the culture you're a part of. Both have to deal with culture, therefore that's how they're connected. This is further explained below.

    What is subculture?

    Generally, is simply defined as the members of a subculture inside a broader culture, especially those whose opinions and interests differ from those of the mainstream.

    In conclusion, countercultures are antagonistic or at odds with the social norms of the day.

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