A city planning method that sets city uses apart from each other is called __________. A. a greyfield B. zoning C. urban sprawl D. an edge city

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  • Hi! I believe the answer to your question is Grid Plan, but I think it is not in the choices.

    It can be zoning since zoning is all about dividing something and assigning it to zones.  It is the process of dividing a land into zones where certain land uses are permitted or prohibited. 

  • Answer:

    B. zoning


    Through the processes of urban strategic planning, it is generally desired to clarify the desired city model and advance in its achievement, coordinating public and private efforts, channeling energies, adapting to new circumstances and improving the living conditions of citizens. .

    Strategic planning is a technique that has been applied in many facets of human activity; it is enough to remember Sun Tzu, Arthur Thomson or Henry Mintzberg; however, the application of strategic planning to urban reality, to cities and regions or metropolitan areas, is relatively recent and its beginnings are eminently practical and handcrafted: a mixture of thought, techniques and art or good work.