find the average of 63 68 54 64 and 51 and explain the average

2 Answer

  • The average of a list of numbers is determined by adding all the numbers up, and then dividing by how many numbers there were (In other words, the sum of all the numbers divided by the amount of numbers).
    63 + 68 + 64 + 54 + 51 = 300.
    There are 5 numbers total.
    300 (sum of all numbers)/5 (amount of numbers)
    300/5 = 60.
    Your average is 60.
  • The average is 60.

    Why do we calculate the average?

    We calculate averages due to the fact they may be a totally useful manner to give a huge quantity of information. as an alternative to getting to trawl through masses or lots of portions of statistics, we've one quantity that succinctly summarises the complete set. while there are some problems with averages, together with outliers showing an erroneous common, they're beneficial to evaluate records at a glance.

    What is an average number?

    In maths, the common fee in a set of numbers is the middle fee, calculated by dividing the whole of all the values by means of the range of values. while we want to find the common of a fixed of facts, we upload up all of the values after which divide this general by means of the number of values.

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