which of the following is the main purpose of the European union (EU)?
A. to promote economic cooperation in europe
B. to provide a court for international justice
C. to secure military alliances among European nations
D. to foster political integration among nations in western Europe
unit 11 lesson 4 please help :(

2 Answer

  • The correct answer is D.

    The European Union (EU) is the result of the political and economic integration of 28 European member states.

    Meanwhile economic integration in the region had already been achieved by former agreeements (that included some, but not all the current EU member states) such as the European Coal and Steel Community  (ECSC) created in 1951, or the European Economic Community (EEC) established in 1957, the treaty of the European Union, known as the Treaty of Maastricht was signed in 1992 and came into force in 1993.

    Apart from the existence of an internal single market and a common currency (economic integration) the EU treaty and its subsequent modifications, have created common political institutions for the EU member states and the concept of European citizenship was implemented for all its inhabitants. This were the first steps of the political integration process. Later on, a common Constitution tried to be enacted but this first trial did not work as some member states rejected it in a referendum. But this failure has not totally ended the goal of acheiving further political integration.

  • The main purpose of the European union (EU) is to foster political mintegration among nations in western Europe.

    What is European union all about?

    European union can be regarded as the union formed that helps in bringing together the nations in western Europe and improve them politically and economically.

    Therefore, option D is correct.

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