Computers and Technology


Juan is an Information Technology expert who writes software that controls electronic components in cars and hardware that provides faster ways to process information. Juan is most likely a

A)_Computer and Information Research Scientist.
B)_Computer and Network Research Scientist.
C)_Computer Hardware Engineer and Database Architect.
D)_Computer Network Architect and Support Specialist.

2 Answer

  • Answer:

    A)_Computer and Information Research Scientist.


    The computer and information research scientist are in charge of creating hardware that processes in a more efficient way the information that a software requires to process, it is made easier and it is in charge of creating new software and better hardware to perform those tasks.

  • Juan is most likely a Computer and Information Research Scientist.

    What is the role of computer and information research scientists?

    Computer and information research scientists are known to be people who  set up innovative methods for new and existing technology.

    They are people who study and handle complex problems in computing that are meant for business, science, medicine, etc., just like Juan.

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