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Name 4 examples sharecropping had advantages over slavery.

Name 4 examples sharecropping had disadvantages over slavery.

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  • Advantages-
    Sharecroppers had rights as human people, they didn't get beaten, they had a faint chance of making a profit, there was no upfront cash payment needed from the sharecroppers,

    If the farm couldn't produce a high yield, the sharecropper and his family would not make enough money to pay the rent. So they would have to sell almost all of their crops for rent, saving very little.

    The sharecroppers worked very hard in the lands, but had an extremely low standard of living, less money, and no ACTUAL ownership of the land

    Children who contributed to the sharecropping could not go to school

    If the fields were to be ruined by weather or pests, sharecroppers were forced out of their land with nothing or no where to go

    If they couldn't pay back the farmers lending the land, they would have to keep working for years, practically enslaved