In the poem "Barbara Frietchie,” what is true about each rhyming couplets?

They complete a thought.
They are open ended.
They include dialogue.
They predict future events.

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  • Answer:

    In the poem "Barbara Frietchie,” is true that each rhyming couplets complete a thought.


    All the sentences in this poem are complete ideas and they do not leave any missing word or lead to any other further even, reason why they do not predict future events, even when they have some quotations they do not have what could be called dialogues, by being a full idea they can not be considered open-ended.

    In general terms, the poem is made of complete thoughts.

  • Answer:

    They complete a thought.


    Barbara Frietchie is a poem written by John Greenleaf Whittier that describes the experience of a legend with respect to Civil War and the aftermath. It insinuates a descripancy among the characters.

    Most of the words of the poem gives a complete thought to create perfect rhyme patterns without mincing of ideas. Each line of the poem are in clear terms to give a comprehensive expression of thought. The poem symbolizes defiance and triumph.

    Each rhyming couplets in Barbara Frietchie completes a thought.