Read the poem below and answer the question.

Cloud by Sandra Cisneros

If you are a poet, you will see clearly that there is a cloud floating in this sheet of paper. -Thich Nhat Hanh

Before you became a cloud, you were an ocean, roiled and murmuring like a mouth. You were the shadows of a cloud cross- ing over a field of tulips. You were the tears of a man who cried into a plaid handkerchief. You were the sky without a hat. Your heart puffed and flowered like sheets drying on a line. And when you were a tree, you listened to the trees and the tree things trees told you. You were the wind in the wheels of a red bicycle. You were the spidery Maria tattooed on the hairless arm of a boy in downtown Houston. You were the rain rolling off the waxy leaves of a magnolia tree. A lock of straw-colored hair wedged between the mottled pages of a Victor Hugo novel. A crescent of soap. A spider the color of a fingernail. The black nets beneath the sea of olive trees. A skein of blue wool. A tea saucer wrapped in newspaper. An empty cracker tin. A bowl of blueber- ries in heavy cream. White wine in a green-stemmed glass. And when you opened your wings to wind, across the punched- tin sky above a prison courtyard, those condemned to death and those condemned to life watched how smooth and sweet a white cloud glides.

The effect of the sounds in the phrase “wind in the wheels” is that they _____.

A)create a sense of isolation
B)use language that is very grounded and realistic
C)work against the overall theme in the poem
D)evoke the sound of the wind

2 Answer

  • D)evoke the sound of the wind - the alliteration helps you seem to hear the wind in your mind.

    Hope that helps
  • Answer: D) evoke the sound of the wind.

    Explanation: alliteration is a literary device that consists in the repetition of the beginning sounds of consecutive words or words that are close to each other in a text. From the given options, the one that represents the effect of the sounds in the phrase "wind in the wheels" is the corresponding to option D: they evoke the sound of the wind, because of the alliteration produced by the repetition of the "w" sound in the words "wind" and "wheels."