Which of these steps are included in Friar Laurence’s plan? Select all that apply. A.Juliet should drink the sleeping potion. B.Juliet should tell her father she’ll marry Paris. C.The Friar will travel to Mantua to retrieve Romeo. D.The Friar will take Juliet to lie in the Capulet vault.

2 Answer

  • ITS A: Juliet should drink the sleeping potion.AND ITS B:Juliet should tell her father she'll marry Paris.
  • Answer:

    A. Juliet should drink the sleeping potion.


    it relies on an magic potion, most likely of the Friar's very own creation.  

    Juliet has to return home and consent to wed Paris. At that point, the night prior to the wedding, she'll rest without anyone else's input in her room, and take the vial (bottle) of mixture that Friar Laurence is giving her. This will cause her to appear as though she is dead.  

    The following morning, Paris will come to get her out of her bed, and she will be dead. They'll abandon her on a memorial service coffin, dressed, and take her to the Capulet vault.  

    Meanwhile, before she awakens, Friar Laurence will keep in touch with Romeo and clarify all that him. At that point, Friar Laurence and Romeo will watch Juliet wake up in the vault - and after that Romeo will remove her to Mantua.