Jonathan and Tim want to predict how many quarters are in a large jar containing 120 coins. Jonathan randomly selects a sample of 10 coins from the jar, while Tim randomly selects a sample of 30 coins. Then they count the number of quarters in each sample. Whose sample should more accurately predict the number of quarters in the jar?

2 Answer

  • 30 coins, it's a larger sample size.

  • Answer:

    Tim's prediction will more accurate.

    Step-by-step explanation:

    The sample is a subset of the population. We take samples because it is easy to analyze samples as compared to population and it is less time taken. Further, the sample is said to be the best sample if it is the representation of the whole population.

    As observing a large number of samples will give less sampling error. Thus 30 coins will represent 120 coins better than 10 coins. Hence, Tim will do more accurate prediction.