Please help ASAP! I will friend you (probably)! The first person to answer correctly gets to be the brainiest!  All of the members of our spray-painting team paint at the same speed. If 8 team members can paint a 5000 square foot wall in 30 minutes, then how many minutes would it take the 8 members to paint an 8000 square foot wall?

1 Answer

  • The team consists of 8 members, and that is something that doesn't change. In 30 minutes they can paint 8000 square foot wall. This means that in 1 minute they paint: 5000 square foot/30=166.6 square foot wall.
    Dividing the wanted amount of painted square foot wall 8000 with the amount of square foot wall taht is painted in 1 minute will give us the information how many minutes would it take the team to paint 8000 square foot wall:
    8000/166.6=48 minutes.